Pamianthe peruviana in flower

Liga Plata via pbs
Sat, 27 Mar 2021 00:54:16 PDT
Thank you Robert! Once upon a time we could get here "orchid seramis" mix,
bark+seramis, so it is planted in it, with added sphagnum moss. I repot it
every year. For seedlings I used same mix, only added peat free compost and
perlite, and they really like it.
 Last year, summer in Ireland wasn't nice at all, I moved it out to my
polytunnel,  but after couple days I moved it back, as it was too cold. 2
years ago, it was out there almost all summer. Polytunnel is shaded in
summer. It only got little sunburn on leaves then.

On Sat, 27 Mar 2021, 06:17 Robert Lauf via pbs, <> wrote:

> Wow.  Very nicely grown!  I have two NBS seedlings I got last year and I
> plan to hang them on the wall of my greenhouse where orchids and bromeliads
> thrive.
> Based on your reported conditions, it appears that I should keep it in the
> slightly lower-light part of the wall.  What is your orchid mix?  I use
> mainly chunks of coco husk because I run misters in summer to keep the
> greenhouse cool, and bark breaks down too fast under those conditions.
> Bob  E Tenn  Zone 7
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