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Mike Salmon's book classifies this as Narcissus hispanicus 

Narcissus albimarginatus is a real beauty with a strong jonquil scent. 
it seems to be restricted to Jebel Bouhachem, part of the Rif mountains 
of northern Morocco. While I was taking this picture I was privileged to 
have an acorn thrown at me by a barbary ape (nice to interact with 
nature). On revisiting the site a couple of years ago I was saddened to 
see that many of the plants near the road had been ripped up, clearly by 
unscrupulous collectors; fortunately it seemed to be thriving in a more 
remote site, in oak leafmould on a steep bank in dense shade.

Mike Salmon regards it as a natural hybrid. In his book he suggests that 
it is a cross between two very distinct subsections of the genus, _N 
calcicola subsp. tingitana_ and _N cantabricus subsp. eualbidus_ (which 
certainly grows nearby). Recently chatting to him, he had changed his 
mind and said that he thought _N triandrus_ was a parent rather than 
_calcicola_. _N calcicola_ certainly grows (or grew) in the Rif and 
could explain the wonderful scent, but I am not aware that _N triandrus_ 
grows there (happy to be proved wrong). There is not a huge amount of 
variation in the wild populations I have seen, so if it is a hybrid it 
seems a stable one. It seems to be settling down in cultivation so I 
hope the wild population can recover from pillaging.  Chris Lovell.
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