Sauromatum venosum

Robert Lauf via pbs
Sun, 14 Mar 2021 09:13:57 PDT
I donated some tubers of this to the current BX and as one of mine is blooming, I threw caution to the wind - quite literally - and brought it into the studio for the attached photo.  Just opened this AM and smells like fresh manure.  As things warm up it will segue into a sort of attar of dead squirrel for a day or two, not noticeable in the garden particularly, but in the greenhouse you know it's there, as does every fly for three blocks around.

Note that these are completely hardy here in Zone 7 and would normally be in the ground, but I dug all of them in the fall to divide, and just stored all the tubers dry in the greenhouse.  Now they are beginning to sprout, the largest ones first, and I have a few hundred of all sizes, ready to sell, donate, give away, or throw at stray animals.  So when the weather gets warmer, I'll move a few of the larger potted ones back into the ground, where they will bloom later next spring at their normal time.  On a plant this size, the leaf will be nearly three feet tall and very prehistoric looking.  The tuber is about 4-5" in diameter.

I still have some very large ones (too big for the BX) so if any enthusiast still wants a big one, please contact me at my personal email and we can work something out.

Bob Lauf   Oak Ridge, TN
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