Gethyllis sp. Richtersveld ‘Giant’

Mary Sue Ittner via pbs
Mon, 03 May 2021 18:24:47 PDT
I looked up Gethyllis grandiflora in the Amaryllis book. It says this 
about the flowers: "it has an erect, broadly cylindrical perianth tube, 
pure white, ovate tepals, sometimes flushed with magenta on the 
undersides . The stamens are arranged in six groups with six to eight 
anthers per group, the erect centrally situated style reaching to below 
the level of the anthers." Also the flowers are reported to be long 
lived. It is found in the Richtersveld.  So I think you can safely call 
it grandiflora. A quick look of the other Richtersveld species with 
similar leaves have different aerial sheaves. Gethyllis is a genus with 
a lot of species not illustrated by either drawings or photographs 
however.  As I have time, I'll change the description on the wiki and 
add Kenneth's photo of the flower. iNaturalist doesn't have any photos 
of that species that shows the flower.

With the wiki it is often challenging to figure out the source of the 
original information. Since this species in not in the Cape province and 
isn't in my Namaqualand books, before the Amaryllis book I would have 
found it difficult to find information about it. Hopefully we'll all be 
receiving our field guides soon. Gethyllis was a topic of the week and 
there was a lot of great information about it:…

And I think Mike Mace added a lot of that to the wiki which was a lot of 
work. But I don't believe there was descriptions of individual species 
in any of those posts.

Mary Sue

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