Greenhouse Heater Issue

Steve Marak via pbs
Sun, 31 Oct 2021 21:52:14 PDT
While on this thread, may I ask those who have or have had purpose-built 
greenhouse heaters, especially Modine, what have been the failure 
points, please? Or advice about specific preventive maintenance?

This is our second year with a Modine externally vented heater in the 
greenhouse, and I love it (and sleep much better when it's cold). But 
Nick is right - there is some corollary to Murphy's Law that causes 
heaters to fail when it's really cold and/or hard to get parts, and even 
new heaters can have problems. I kept a fair inventory of likely-to-fail 
parts for our previous heater that I could replace myself in an 
emergency and would like to do the same for the Modine.



On 10/31/2021 6:01 PM, Mark Mazer via pbs wrote:
> " After two decades in nice humid greenhouse the igniter is rusted to
> point where it cannot work"
> FWIW: After 20 some years, even the "Cadillac" of brands, Modine purpose
> built greenhouse propane heaters, are getting "long in the tooth"and may
> become unreliable. You may want to consider replacing it IMHO.  Been there,
> done that.
> Best,
> m
> On Sun, Oct 31, 2021 at 12:55 PM Nicholas Plummer via pbs <
>> wrote:
>> Get a greenhouse, they said.  It’s a relaxing hobby, they said.
>> I keep my pilot flame burning all summer on my direct vent propane
>> heater—I figure its a small amount of propane in the grand scheme of
>> things, but I hope the heat will help to keep things dry around the valve
>> and thermocouple.  Which means that something else will probably fail on
>> the coldest night of the year…
>> ...

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