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Jan Jeddeloh via pbs
Wed, 26 Jan 2022 19:37:58 PST
It’s time for some winner take all grab bags.  I need to get rid of the leftover seed so I can focus on getting ready for the next seed exchange and I’m tired of repackaging it into three shares.  

Each grab bag has at least twelve seed packets, some considerably more.  Each grab bag will costs $10 plus postage.  You will receive an invoice with the seed.  
 Now for the fine print.  No I will not tell you what species are in each grab bag.  This is intended to be a house cleaning endeavor. You can do whatever you want with the seed as long as you don’t send it back in.  Some species have a lot of seed, some little.  Some species are highly desirable, some are likely less so.

There are five different grab bags available.  You can apply for one or all grab bags but you must send me a separate email for each grab bag.  If you try to apply for more than one grab bag per email I will throw your application out.  Here are the grab bags:

The Americas-seed from North and South America, excludes zephranthus seed
Eurasia-seed from Europe and Asia
Romulea, babiana and sparaxis
Africa-excludes romulea, babiana and sparaxis.  International members are advised this packet is over five ounces.  
How to apply for a grab bag.

1)     Make sure your 2022 membership is paid.  You can check with Jane McGary at <> if you’re not sure.  Several people missed out on consideration for the calochortus shares because their membership was not up to date.

2)     Respond to me at <> with your name, mailing address and email . Applications submitted on the list will be ignored. The subject line should specify the grab bag you are applying for. For example “Zephranthus grab bag”.  Your name and address must be in the following format so I can easily cut and paste it.  I get cranky if I have to hunt up this information. Thank you.

John Doe

1234 Smith St.

Anywhere, OR 97000 (do not forget the postal code) 

email (yes I need you to type it out, sometimes I need this for mailing purposes) 

I will take requests until January 29th, 5pm Pacific Standard Time (1 am GMT). I’ll announce the winners once the drawing has closed.

Good Luck,

Jan Jeddeloh


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