Crinum flaccidum

James Waddick via pbs
Mon, 24 Jan 2022 13:19:53 PST
Hi Again Bruce and thanks for these notes -

	One of the reasons I wondered about this species is ( in addition to being a big Crinum  fan) is that my summers are very hot, but we do get accessional summer down burst. I was wondering about the feasibility of this growing in summer outdoors - full sun and occasional rain (no supplemental), dry in the winter indoors at 50 degrees. 

	I have asked a few US growers friends in the SE and they complain it is very sensitive to over wet conditions - not a problem here. During our recent snow season we have less than 1 in of rain/snow over 12 - 14 weeks.

	So have you been growing this species (which ever name you choose ) since 2010 with success.?

	I gather it is very drought tolerant and mostly exposed to summer only rains.  Best   Jim

> On Jan 22, 2022, at 5:34 PM, Bruce Schroder via pbs <> wrote:
> Jim - as a post script, C luteolum is very rarely grown in Australia  as it
> is very difficult to source seeds because of its remote habitat and the
> erratic nature of its flowering..
> I was fortunate to be able to combine a 10 day, several thousand km road
> trip last year with a side trip to one of their habitats and was directed
> to a location where in 2010, after heavy late summer rains, it was
> flowering in profusion.  I was pushing my luck because summer rains in the
> area in 2021 had been few and far between and I found only a handful of
> harshly sun beaten plants and a few shriveling seeds by the time I visited
> the area a couple of months after summer..
> Bruce Schroder, Melbourne, Australia
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