Field Number/Locality Data

Fri, 14 Jan 2022 12:46:57 PST

A few questions about the above topic.
I have a few Amaryllidaceae with a VDV prefix collection number.  Which
collector does this represent?
Brunsvigia josephinae VDV1148

Is there any kind of specific format for these types of numbers?
Should there be a space between the letters and numbers?
For example,  Lau 1233 or L1233. (Coryphantha jalpanensis)
Or, SB329.  Thelocactus conothelos ssp. aurantiacus

Is anyone aware of any other field locality databases aside from
Ralph Martin's Field Number Database
Or Christophe Ludwig's List?

Sorry this is slightly off topic... or drifted there.  :o

Thanks for the help!
Best regards, Lisa
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