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Tue, 18 Jan 2022 22:30:44 PST
Thanks, Arnold and Rodney. Answers -

Rodney, I have them in gallon pots. I planted them several inches deep, 
but after a few years corms started appearing on the surface. There were 
a lot in there when I dumped them out; I gave good starts to a few 
people and repotted the rest several inches deep again. Should they be 
deeper yet?


The mix is 2/3 coarse sand and pumice, and there's some perlite and 
other coarse material in the 1/3 potting soil, so it's at least 70% 
inorganic. Even more?

They've been repotted, and thinned, a couple of times in 8-10? years, 
most recently after they entered dormancy in late spring of 2021. That 
mix doesn't break down very fast, one of the things I like about it.

In summer, they get pushed to the side and back of the bench with other 
things that want little or no water during dormancy. They may get a 
little splash while we're watering other things, but they aren't ever 
deliberately watered until I see leaves again. It is hot here in the 
summer so the pots stay pretty dry.

We don't feed anything heavily, because we grow a lot of things that are 
sensitive to salts. When they're in growth they get whatever we're 
giving the orchids, which is usually less than 400 ppm total (i.e. not 
just nitrogen) and probably lower in nitrogen than a lot of people feed. 
I do add a little pelletized slow release to things that I know are 
heavier feeders but haven't done that for the Ferrarias. Should I?


On 1/18/2022 7:36 PM, Rodney Barton via pbs wrote:
>   Hi Steve,
> Some advice I got from this forum was to plant Ferraria in tall pots so you could plant them deeply. Going from a one gallon pots to ones that are about 12" tall solved my lack of boom with F. crispa. As I recall I planted them about halfway up. Unfortunately they start to take up a lot of room in the big pots and they are heavy.
> Rod
On 1/18/2022 6:47 PM, Arnold Trachtenberg wrote:
> Steve
> Do you feed them
> What’s your summer treatment
> Have you repotted them
> Potting mix
> I repot every 2-3 years. I’ve made the mix less organic and added more 
> inert drainage material
> Arnold
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