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Buckwheat is a quick maturing crop that, when dug into the soil improves 

"It establishes quickly, which suppresses summer weeds . . . . Buckwheat 
has a growing period of only 10–12 weeks and it can be grown in high 
latitude or northern areas. Buckwheat is sometimes used as a "green 
manure <>", as a plant for 
erosion <> control, or as wildlife 
cover and feed."

"Buckwheat seeds will sprout in about a week, but the best time to sow 
buckwheat seed is while temperatures are still cool (below 70 degrees 
Fahrenheit) since warm weather can cause slow growth"

On 1/17/2022 10:25 AM, Jim Barton via pbs wrote:
> Does anyone know of a cover crop that will attract White Crown Sparrows  better than my just coming up bulb  leaves? Lettuce will work but I want to eat that myself. My current solution is to use bird netting.
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