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I found the PBS two years ago as I was researching microwaving pollen for
some Hippeastrum self-pollinations, and found lots of discussion, although
fragmented, on the PBS board archive by doing a search “microwave pollen.”
Now I’m a member going on my second year! But just because I’m not
technically-trained, doesn’t mean I don’t want to learn (or can't
understand!) the technical aspects of my hobby!

I suppose microwaving is what science would describe as the *“Mentor Pollen
effect?”*  Somebody can tell me if I have it wrong. That term might help
someone researching it, as Robin says that perhaps a research project might
be in the works.  Someone THAT HAS EDUCATIONAL ACCESS, which I don’t, so I
can only read the publisher summary of a definition of Mentor Pollen:

“Mentor pollen is compatible pollen that has been treated in several ways
to block its fertilizing capacity but retaining its ability to stimulate
incompatible pollen to effect fertilization.”

*Mentor Pollen Techniques, International Review of Cytology, Volume 107,
1987, Pages 315-332*

And this is often quoted: Stettler  RF,  Ager AA (1984) Mentor effects in
pollen interactions.  pp 609- 623 (Encyclopedia  Plant Physiology) Again, I
have no access to read it online.

I can see enough of these technical documents to know this is all
incredibly complex, and sometimes very specific to a plant variety.
However, I would love a scientifically- trained person (there are many
here!) to access, read and interpret these things in a wiki artickle for me
so I can have more success as a plant hobbyist!

I would also love to read Uli's technique, scientific or not, so I have
something to try.

Here is an example of the reach of PBS posts on microwaving pollen to other
online discussions and forums:


And an example that with future changes, we REALLY don’t want to lose the
archive and wiki.

Ken I
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