Crinum flaccidum

Bruce Schroder via pbs
Sat, 22 Jan 2022 15:16:54 PST
Jim - the yellow Crinum you refer to is not a form of Crinum flaccidum but
Crinum luteolum.  It is recognised as a separate species and can vary in
colour from creamy yellow to buttercup yellow (rarely) depending on its
source/local environment.
It is a desert dwelling species growing in very remote and arid areas of
South Australia.  If there are no summer thunderstorms in the area it won't
flower & may not even break dormancy in drought years.
There are about a dozen different recognised species of Crinum native to
Australia, most once all lumped under the one name - Crinum flaccidum.

Bruce Schroder, Melbourne, Australia
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