Nothoscordum species?

Carl Frederick via pbs
Thu, 27 Jan 2022 09:10:21 PST
Thanks for the note Samuel.  Upon checking the wiki I see the flower differences but also see Lee Poulsen’s leaf comparison of the two which clams that dialystemon has leaves much wider and flatter than the other.  Checking my plant the leaves are needle-like with a nearly perfect triangular cross-section.  The flower diagnosis is probably more prescriptive but overall still mysterious. 

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Your Nothoscordum felipponei ? is an 8? tepal flower , normal is 6 
tepals . Nothoscordum dialystemon has 8 tepals ( Alberto Castillo )

On 27/01/2022 2:40 am, Carl Frederick via pbs wrote:
> Romulea tortuosa, Nothoscordum felipponei, Albuca (namaquensis or viscosa?), Daubenya marginata, unidentified androcymbium (help!), Lachenalia reflexa, Othonna cakilefolia or hybrid.
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