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This inquiry about Crinum cultivars arrived via the website. If you can 
assist Alan Thacker with information about these plants, please write to 
him directly at the address in the heading copied below.


Jane McGary

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I live in the UK and I have just ordered a bulb which recently several 
(Dutch) suppliers have offered as Crinum 'Cintho Alfa' . It is white 
flowered with remarkable red stripes. I have checked the Society's list 
and no cultivar of this name is mentioned. But it is is very like the 
American hybrid C.'Stars and Stripes'. Is it in fact the same cultivar? 
And, if so, is it related to South African striped varieties such C. 
lugardiae and C. macowanii?

With thanks for any thoughts on this matter,

Alan Thacker (London)

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