Nothoscordum species?

Mary Sue Ittner via pbs
Thu, 27 Jan 2022 15:50:56 PST
Plants of the World Online lists these synonyms for Nothoscordum 
felipponei Beauverd:

Beauverdia felipponei (Beauverd) Herter
Beauverdia sellowiana (Kunth) Herter
Ipheion felipponei (Beauverd) Traub
Ipheion sellowianum (Kunth) Traub
Nothoscordum ostenii Beauverd
Tristagma felipponei (Beauverd) Traub
Tristagma sellowianum (Kunth) Traub
Brodiaea felipponei (Beauverd) Herter
Brodiaea sellowiana (Kunth) Baker
Hookera sellowiana (Kunth) Kuntze
Milla sellowiana (Kunth) Baker
Triteleia sellowiana Kunth

However: World Flora Online
has Tristagma sellowianum (Kunth) Traub as the correct name and 
Nothoscordum felipponei as the synonym. Tropicos has the correct name as 
Nothoscordum felipponei Beauverd, but also accepts Beauverdia felipponei 
(Beauverd) Herter,
Ipheion felipponei (Beauverd) Traub, and Tristagma felipponei (Beauverd) 

It's a bit simpler for Nothoscordum dialystemon (Guagl.) Crosa:
They agree that it is the correct name with these two synonyms:
Beauverdia dialystemon (Guagl.) Sassone & Guagl.
Ipheion dialystemon Guagl.

Tropicos lists it as Nothoscordum dialystemon (Guagl.) Crosa, but also 
accepts Beauverdia dialystemon (Guagl.) Sassone & Guagl.

I obtained both of these from Bill Dijk years ago as Ipheion sellowianum 
and Ipheion dialystemon. Is it any wonder that we might be confused 
about what to call them when over the years and continuing there is such 
changes of opinion. Both are flowering for me at the moment and I'm 
tired of changing the plant tags so I just leave the old ones in.

Mary Sue

On 1/27/2022 2:51 PM, Samuel via pbs wrote:
> Check out 'EDGEWOOD' The Lonsdale Garden , some very good detailed 
> images of a number of Nothoscordum , some are now in Tristagma 

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