Nerine undulata

Uli via pbs
Sun, 02 Jan 2022 14:12:36 PST
Hello Kenneth,

Your picture looks very much like the true Nerine undulata. The picture 
of the plantĀ  I posted in the 'Winter in the Algarve' series seems to be 
of a hybrid. I got it about 20 years ago as a small offset from a very 
beautiful clump which was in spectacular flower at the same time of the 
year. And I got it under the name of Nerine undulata. But looking at the 
flowers it seems as if there would not be any seed set. Normally species 
Nerine do set seed freely. And also the colour and the larger petals 
speak for a hybrid. Whatever it is, it is very beautiful at this time of 
the year and it seems to be rain proof. The interesting thing is that it 
flowers the first time for me. I had it in my greenhouse in Germany and 
after the move to Portugal I planted it out in a shady place and left it 
to the elements. Plenty of leaves but nothing else. So last summer I dug 
it up and planted it close to the shower of the swimming pool where it 
gets splashes of water during summer. It went completely dormant with 
leaves sprouting with the onset of rain in October and now it is flowering.

I grow two other Nerine undulata, one of which I posted a picture of 
earlier, it set a lot of seed and came from Cameron McMaster. I am sure 
it is correctly named. And yet another one from a Dutch bulb company has 
even paler flowers and is fading now. still not sure about seed set. 
Both look very much like the one on your picture.

Bye for now,


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