Resnova maxima

Robert Lauf via pbs
Tue, 29 Mar 2022 22:50:23 PDT
 Potted in a mix of about 50:50 promix:///perlite/ with the bulb mostly exposed.  It retains the old leaves so I never allowed it to completely dry out during winter.  It's in the greenhouse toward the back so the light isn't really intense (less than where the Lachenalias are, for instance).  Winter night temps average in the low 50s on that bench.  When it started to sprout I increased watering.  In summer I have misters come on at noon for ten minutes and on hot days the greenhouse easily gets to 100 and sometimes higher; all the water compensates for being too lazy to put up shade cloth.
The whole greenhouse gets periodic feeding from around April to October using a hose-end applicator, alternating between 10-10-10 and 10-50-10 every few weeks if I think of it.
In my first experiment with leaf cuttings, I didn't want to sacrifice new growth, so I took two of the older leaves intending to do one with Dip n Grow and the other with Clonex gel.  But I think the Clonex leaf was a little rattier than the other, so it all died and I don't want to blame the Clonex.  The other pieces are developing roots, so I recently removed a new leaf and used Dip n Grow, and the cuttings look really good but are not yet rooting.  I've started some more diabolical experiments today and will report any results in due course.
Note that Jeff Thomas brought me this plant last year and I just put it on the bench and let it grow.  If he has further insights as to his planting strategy or how it performed in his very different setup, he can chime in.
This was likely more than you wanted to know, but I hope it answered your questions.  It strikes me as a pretty trouble-free plant.
    On Wednesday, March 30, 2022, 01:08:39 AM EDT, Chris McDaniel via pbs <> wrote:  
 Under what conditions do you grow your Resnova?  I have some two-year bulbs that aren’t exactly thriving.

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