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My first impression would be some sucking insect like a thirp or aphid.

Trying looking under the flowers with a jewelers loupe or magnifying glass.
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Dear All,

Can I ask for your advice and opinion on these Freesia flowers? The bulbs were purchased in autumn in a garden centre, they are pot grown and outside in the open garden. They are not protected from rain.
Principally I am very happy with them but there are three inflorescences which have these deformed flowers. New flowers start deformed and do not open properly. The upper flowerson the picture are normal.
What is this? A virus? Thrips? The effects of rain? Should I remove these bulbs in order to prevent spread to the other bulbs in the same pot? Or should I discard the whole pot? I definitely want to keep my collection healthy.

Thank you very much for your help 

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