Ledebouria atrobrunnea (was Spring in East Tennessee)

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Mon, 14 Mar 2022 11:13:40 PDT

There's a good short article by Charles Craib on L. atrobrunnea here:


and you can download the 3-page PDF version (but may have to temporarily 
allow pop-ups for that site). ResearchGate allows downloading the first 
part of the Venter and Edwards paper revising Ledebouria in South Africa 
from 1998, which includes the publication of this species, and that has 
some good drawings showing the diagnostic features.

I thought my foliage lacked the undulate lower leaf margins, but a 
closer look today confirms they're there, just not as pronounced as in 
most pictures. I'll get some better images later this week as more 
flowers open.


On 3/13/2022 8:18 PM, Arnold Trachtenberg via pbs wrote:
> Steve
> I have a Ledebouria which looks like yous. I have it as Ledebouria sp.  Huntsdrift.
> Arnold
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> I found a couple of things hiding in the greenhouse, two pictures
> attached. Lachenalia aloides v. vanzyliae, from Mary Sue in BX 151 back
> in 2008. Not a good flowering, it's gotten shaded and needs to be moved.
> Also, a pot labeled Ledebouria atrobrunnea, which got separated from the
> Ledebouria herd and I'd forgotten I had, has a bunch of inflorescences
> coming along. Foliage doesn't really look right, but they came from
> Charles Craib at Penroc, and he appears to have known that species well,
> so ...
> Steve

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