EU EX 04-1 closed

Uli via pbs
Mon, 14 Mar 2022 16:35:18 PDT
Dear Members living in the EU,

The time window for orders from the EU EX 04 first section has closed 
tonight at 24:00 o'clock Central European Time.

We will do a second round of the EX 04, scheduled for April, so please 
keep thinking of your fellow gardeners if you have surplus seed or 
bulbs. The time window for donations remains open until further notice.

If you have placed an order, all orders which have been received until 
the deadline will be matched with the available material. If there is 
not enough to cover the demand, distribution will be at random. We think 
this is the fairest way of giving everybody the same chance.

Please do not pay anything now, you will receive a payment slip with the 
items you will get, taking a bonus into account.

This EX is aiming at summer growing bulbs and their seed, there will be 
another EX in autumn for winter and spring growing bulbs. If seed is 
ripening after this spring exchange, please keep thinking of your fellow 
gardening friends.

Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of questions 

Uli and Martin

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