Richard Wagner via pbs
Fri, 18 Mar 2022 09:58:27 PDT
Has anyone placed a retail order with Silverhill Seeds lately?  They sent
out a message last December to hurry and order your seeds before they sent
a courier to Switzerland with all the orders. I did so and then, was told,
that because of Christmas they would hold orders until January./ They did
so and shipped the order in January and I received it in early February.
The order consisted of 4 species of Ceropegia and 6 species of Lachenalia.
The Lachenalia were well filled but two of the Ceropegia contained only a
bit of chaff. These were the less common varieties.  Since then, the other
two have germinated, but the Lachenalia have shown no germination.

They stated that once mailed they had no responsibility what ever, which
seemed a strange remark. So, has anyone had a similar experience?

Richard Wagner
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