Leucocoryne from seed

Jane McGary via pbs pbs@lists.pacificbulbsociety.net
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 10:57:56 PDT
I found Leucocoryne coquimbensis flowered about 5 years from seed, but 
it produces many offset bulbs where I have it. Unfortunately, this isn't 
the species everybody covets (the flowers are white to pale blue), but I 
should have enough to send to the BX next summer. It is hardier than its 
coastal range would suggest.

Jane McGary, Portland, Oregon, USA

On 3/13/2022 7:59 AM, Carl Frederick via pbs wrote:
> Thanks Diana, and I’ve also heard that it could be less, maybe 6-7 years.  All of those are too long for me!  Some of these things really try a person’s patience.  On the other hand one of the reasons I like growing plants is the delayed gratification and knowledge that some things in life require time no matter who you are.
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