Supplemental winter lights

Tim Eck via pbs
Thu, 03 Mar 2022 05:12:02 PST
I bought a box of 20 x 4' 'workbench type LED fixtures on amazon a few
years ago that I mostly used in the basement.  They were less than half the
price than others (Harbor Freight) charged and generally worked great in
the basement.  However, two of the four that I installed in the garage
deteriorated very rapidly - by biofouling, I presume.  I had seen a similar
biofouling in outdoor fixtures where I used corncob LEDs.  These had a few
small inconspicuous holes in them to promote convective cooling which were
blocked by small insects and arachnids they attracted and I assume this is
what happened to the 4' fixtures.  In general, these are very quick and
easy to install as they daisy-chain with included plug in connectors and
each one uses only two single screw clips for support that they snap into.
The hardware is included and they work great BUT you will probably do
yourself a favor by installing some circulating fans to help carry away
excess heat if you bunch them together.
Here is a link to the 8' lights on Amazon.…
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