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Steve Marak via pbs
Thu, 03 Mar 2022 00:01:10 PST

One more short note on this. A friend who is a basement grower began 
with a dozen or so T5HO fixtures to get the rather high light levels he 
needed - expensive both initially and when replacing the fluorescent 
tubes (all 4 tube or more fixtures). He's been replacing the tubes with 
socket-compatible HO LED tubes that he found online, ballast-bypass 
type, one fixture at a time and after a couple of years seems pleased - 
cheaper and more light. Among the orchids he grows are a number of the 
geophytic European terrestrials like Ophrys and Himantoglossum, and he 
has no trouble flowering them.


On 2/26/2022 3:25 PM, Kenneth Preteroti wrote:
>  Steve yes you are correct that I am aware of the lumen/lux vs 
> ppf/ppfd, human eye vs plant. Throw in PAR too!
> None of these terms seem to truly help the hobbiest grow Massonia’s, 
> Conophytum’s or Cannabis.
> My reason for high end LED’s is light penetration.  I wanted to 
> replace my HPS system rated at 55000 lumens. I could have went with a 
> dozen T5HO fluorescent. However the LED’s at 325 watts made the most 
> sense to me. This was for growing in the basement.
> I started with supplemental lighting last year when I saw Arnold’s 
> results who lives in the same state as me. Arnold indicated he used 
> supplemental lighting based on advice from Rimmer. Now I am a full 
> member of the supplemental light club. Ha ha. I need adjustable height 
> hangers for the lights next year.
> Steve noticed my LED’s are under driven and therefore are passively 
> cooled. Heat kills LED’s. Stay away from fan cooled systems. The fans 
> last a year or two and need replacement or you kill your LED’s. Heat 
> is wasted energy and money.
> Ken P
> New Jersey, USA
> Zone 7a
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