Oxalis tuberosa (Oca) to share plus geophyte aroids

Robert Parks via pbs pbs@lists.pacificbulbsociety.net
Fri, 25 Mar 2022 18:01:57 PDT
The bulbs/tubers have decided that spring has sprung, and they are ready to
go. Mostly Oca, but also Amorphophallus and similar. USA shipping only.

This is a free distribution, please make a donation to the PBS in lieu of
compensating me. I will pay shipping. Email me privately (
trolleypup@gmail.com) with your Name, Address, and what you are interested
in. If you are local to SF and can pick up, email me, as there are other
things that are too big or unwieldy to ship.

I have a large quantity of Oca (Andean root vegetable) of several varieties
that either have to be shared or will be discarded (the large tubers were
eaten), all are sprouting. Definitely not the usual decorative
geophyte...they grow vigorously to a meter across, in a rambling form with
occasional yellow flowers, in decent conditions they will produce more than
a pound of tubers from a single tuber. They are high elevation tropicals,
requiring cool/moderate days and cool nights all summer, along with
consistent moisture (coastal PNW, coastal N California), they will not
thrive in hot conditions, also, tuber formation doesn't start til the fall

I have half a dozen varieties of Oca. Unless otherwise noted, I'll send a
selection of a few tubers of each variety, If you want a larger amount, I
will happily send more. The Amorphophallus, Sauromatum, and Oxalis will be
divided equally unless otherwise requested.

Oca (Oxalis tuberosa): white, Amarillo, Bolivian Red, Creamy Yellow, Hopin
Alba, Sunset, dark rose with peach.
Oxalis meissneri
Oxalis stenorhyncha
Amorphophallus albus, bulbifer, konjac (multiple clones), konjac Leo Song
Sauromatum venosum (multiple clones), venosum Indian Giant

in cool San Francisco, where maybe a bit of rail will fall soon.
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