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Hi Joe

I'd suggest sticking with the fall-foliage types and avoid those whose foliage doesn't emerge until spring.  You have the only two fall-foliage emerging species already, but the hybrids are many.  Any L. x rosea (sprengeri x radiata), L. x albiflora (aurea x radiata), and L. x straminea (chinensis x radiata) should be fine there. 

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New member here. We are a small cut flower farm in north Florida (humid, subtropical). We have no trouble growing L. radiata and L.
aurea (africana?). I struggle with other spp and hybrids of both winter and spring types. Do some Lycoris need a dose of vernalization between summer rest and growth? Or do they need a cooler root run in general than I can provide? Or is photoperiod an issue?
Joe Durando
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