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R Hansen via pbs
Sun, 06 Mar 2022 09:18:55 PST
I was reminded today that there are concerns on losing access to the
archives and wiki on our PBS website when we transition to a forum (coming
soon). Please remember that archives and wiki are NOT going away. They will
be there forever, accessible, searchable and a continuing education.


One provision that the forum will provide: a history of, as an example,
forum discussions on a particular topic like crocus (it could be any bulb)
that goes back years. Our webmaster and cohorts are using an off the shelf
software for the forum - the same one the Scottish Rock Garden Club uses -
and it will be packed with lots of help topics in the menus. Plus, and this
is very important if you're feeling uncomfortable or hesitant about using
the forum, names and links of PBS members who are knowledgeable and can help
you navigate the forum. 


We'll give you ample warning of the transition, but think that in the long
run, given the growing size of PBS, that the forum will make it easier to
post photos, the ability to focus on topics of interest to you, and an
easier way to avoid all those emails that are not of interest to you. 


Two items also of importance: announcements of bulb and seed exchanges will
come to you as emails and also on the forum to make sure you won't miss out
on our exchanges. Another item that's very popular on email, "what's
blooming now" will continue as a separate topic on the forum, so if that's
all you want to look at, you can.


I know some of you have connectivity issues. We're hoping that since the
forum resides on the web this will ease the pain of trying to get emails.
Unfortunately, many areas of the US have very sub-standard access to the
internet, although that situation is steadily improving.


Do not hesitate to contact me, Arnold Trachtenberg or M. Gastil Buhl
(Gastil) if you have further  questions or pose the concern on email. This
has been a slow roll-out process because we want to be as sure as we can
that it works for all of us. Any technical concerns we cannot answer will be
forwarded to David Pilling and his compadres.


Many thanks for your patience!




Robin Hansen

President, PBS

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