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Kelly Irvin via pbs
Mon, 30 May 2022 04:25:24 PDT
Sorry, Robin. I DID, however supposedly reply to Jan, but the list has 
Jans address as the list address as well, only putting Jan in the CC 
slot.  The FROM should have been Jan's email address, not the CC.

Mr. Kelly M. Irvin
10850 Hodge Ln
Gravette, AR 72736

USDA Cold Hardiness Zone 6a/b

On 5/29/22 5:57 PM, R Hansen via pbs wrote:
> Just a reminder!
> --- Jan Jeddeloh, our Seed Exchange Director, has provided specific
> directions on how to order seed. Please, everyone, follow those directions.
> By replying to the PBS List, you're causing her extra work. Jan has been
> able to streamline and make the exchange more accessible so let's do our
> best to help her.
> Thank you,
> Robin Hansen
> Pacific Bulb Society
> President
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> Please provide the following. I haven't ordered in 2-3 years...
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