I really like the new Forum

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Sun, 01 May 2022 10:25:05 PDT
I really like the new Forum.

People can post photos in their messages, which can be viewed directly on the page, adjacent to the text.
It's easy to join. Look at the very top left of the page. This is also where your username and profile link will appear after you join. You cam make display choices here.

There are several ways to view messages. The Home page only has a few links. Note Forum at the upper left. In the upper right, Unread Posts. Explanations below. These options appear in the same place on all pages.

Rather than Home, members might prefer to bookmark the Forum page

It is divided into subfora, which people can browse individually. Most of the discussion has been in the General Discussion subforum. A topic is a collection of messages on the same topic.

When you go from a general forum to a subforum, topics with new posts have an orange NEW label.

You can click on a topic and view all the messages. From your account settings you can change the view from chronological to reverse chronological order if you like.

There is a button at the top right of each page, Unread Posts. Clicking this will give you a list of all topics with new posts. You can choose the ones to read. As you read an unread post it will be removed from this view.

Or, you can view a chronological list of all posts in order, newest down to oldest. The text and photos in each post are shown. This view is similar to the PBS mail list digest, except photos are shown. This is how I use the Forum. Unfortunately I didn't see a button nor link for this. Others showed it to me, and I have it bookmarked:

There are a lot more great features, but this will get you started.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA
Zone 9?

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