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As many of you know, as a graphic designer as well, I prefer white type on black when it comes to my labels.
I have been using my P-Touch with 1/2 black waterproof tape and white type since 2001 and even the original labels are still as good as new. The problem for me was finding black plastic labels that were not brittle. I had been using ones from the UK - ordered direct from 'the essentials company' (just Google them), and look at their black labels. I use both their thick black labels and their scratch on labels, which are best as they are thin, flexible and never snap off. Plus they have square corner so I can fold the excess tape over the edge creating a tidy look. I've found that with a collection of similar plants, the effect in the greenhouse is nice to look at with an entire collection of cacti or South African Bulbs with black labels and white type/ besides, when I was exhibiting at horticultural societies, they used to require all plants to be labeled with white ink on black cards (I think this implanted in me!).

Clearly this method isn’t practical for those with big collections or for commercial growers, but for smaller collections, I highly recommend it (I also happen to find white labels highly unattractive). I will add that the Essentials company offers the thicker 4" labels in many colors, and for other collections and for seeds, I buy the tan colored ones, which look like kraft paper or wood, and I can use pencil on them.

I just ordered some very inexpensive black labels from a source on Amazon, there are now many featured on there, which I will try soon as the Essential Company labels aren’t cheap. When I do order them, I order 1000 at a time to reduce the cost, but I think there are other sources now (via Amazon and elsewhere) that offer black labels that are thin and flexible), made with recycled pots and plastics.

The Brother P-Touch 1/2 waterproof tape with white (not clear) lettering is hard to find (staples rarely offers it in-store) but it's often available on their site, or certainly on Amazon.

Matt Mattus
Worcester, MA
Zone 6a

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    I swear by my P-Touch label maker and I still have legible labels from 2004. 

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    I wonder about the longevity of P-Touch labels.  How long do they last before fading?  Peeling the label backing takes a long time if there's a lot to label.

    I also have a Thermal transfer printer, which uses wax to transfer text on the label. I suspect the text should last a long time, but the problem has been finding a UV rated label.
    I bought some 4" x 1" labels for the printer and they didn't make it through this season (just in the greenhouse where the sun is somewhat muted).
    Vinyl is a good idea!


    Best regards, Lisa

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    > I recall much discussion on tags and markers, but the specifics fade 
    > so I don't recall whether this answer was given before.
    > On another list a person made the best suggestion for tags I have 
    > heard - vinyl siding.  Obviously you don't want to use the textured 
    > ones but vinyl siding has a 20 year warranty and is usually sold in 
    > light shades.  Also, an office paper cutter should cut single 
    > thicknesses but I haven't verified it yet.
    > Tim
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