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Garak via pbs
Sun, 12 Feb 2023 14:33:47 PST

Easy. The forum has notification functions that can be sent to all 
members or to a selected group - and it asks if you're sure you want to 
do that. But the "power" is limited to administrators and moderators. A 
real "call to all" should not be necessary for ordinary members. If your 
topic is ignored, you simply "bump" it back to the top of the pile.

I painfully remember when someone hit "reply to all" to a message from 
our business division leader at work- Reply to all went to about 50 000 
people. now take the 0.5% of those into account that reflexwise replied 
to that reply with "please take me from the mailing list". Of course, 
replying to all. Then came a few hundred people writing "stop replying 
to all" which they again sent to all... it took about 36 hours until the 
email servers were back up running somewhat stable....


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> How would you accomplish listwide announcements and queries on the forum?
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