Idk how this exactly works

Michael Mace via pbs
Fri, 24 Feb 2023 15:43:55 PST
Bob wrote:

> I would think a garden writer would know the difference, but maybe we can
blame the photo editor.

Exactly. Typically at a newspaper the writer delivers the written story, a
couple of other people edit it, and the images come from yet another person.
The images in this case are credited to Getty Images, meaning someone
searched there for "amarine" and "amaryllis" and dropped the results into
the page. Hippeastrum snuck in there because "amaryllis" is still the common
name often used for that genus. 

If you go to the Getty Images site and search for "amaryllis" you will see
what I mean. 

I can just picture that photo editor muttering, "well, Getty says this is an
Amaryllis, that must be right."

King Onyx, there are a few photos on my blog that may be useful:

This post shows the blooming sequence for a cross between Amaryllis
'Multiflora' and Brunsvigia josephinae:…

This post shows a cross between Brunsvigia marginata and Amaryllis

Good luck with your project!

San Jose, CA

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