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David Pilling via pbs
Sun, 12 Feb 2023 09:50:47 PST
Hi Erika,

On 12/02/2023 16:25, Erika Schroedersecker via pbs wrote:
> I agree with Ottoline. I miss the daily emails.

The list is still running. There have not been many days without a digest.

If you're not seeing many daily digests, perhaps check what is appearing 
on the PBS list archive and your spam box.

After the forum was launched, posts to this list did seem to decline. 
That was not because everyone was over on the forum.

The only step back with the list we have made was to turn off pictures. 
That was because Apple users found the system impossible to work. Steve 
Marak made a post here recently about pictures and mail lists. I've had 
a discussion with him, see if anything comes of it.

You can follow the forum via email notifications. It gives you the 
ability to tightly control what you get emails about.

With both forum and 'list, what you put in drives what you get out of them.

David Pilling
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