Idk how this exactly works

Michael Mace via pbs
Fri, 24 Feb 2023 20:28:55 PST
> Have these lovely hybrids produced offsets? Or have you tried any artificial propagation on them?

No offsets, no seeds, and I don't have the courage (or knowledge) to try artificial propagation -- it took about a decade to get them to bloom!

The B. josephinae hybrid bloomed twice and then died. Horror!

The B. marginata hybrids are still with me. I've now gotten three individuals from that cross to bloom. The flower color of the hybrid depends on the flower color of the Amaryllis: white Amaryllis X B. marginata = pink hybrid; dark pink Amaryllis X B. marginata = cherry red hybrid. They are lovely!

I know other people have made these crosses before, but they've never moved into general cultivation, which tells me they're probably all sterile. I hear one hybrid is now being artificially propagated in Australia.


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