Trachyandra Questions

Shoal Creek Succulents via pbs
Fri, 17 Feb 2023 12:52:16 PST
Hi all-

Some questions on this genus.

Trachyandra saltii is self fertile in my greenhouse. I have never been able
to germinate seed.  Any tips?  Also, I am going to upload a picture of the
caudex to the Wiki at some point.  In habitat, does the caudex always grow
above ground?

Trachyandra ciliata - is this self fertile also?  I am going to brush it
(pollinate) anyway.  But, I’m impatient to know.

If anyone has other species of this genus, please contact me off list,
happy to trade for something.

Assuming it works, I have copied a URL to the Trachyandra ciliata.

Best regards, Lisa
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