Warm climate bulbs and tubers -free distribution

Robert Parks via pbs pbs@lists.pacificbulbsociety.net
Fri, 24 Feb 2023 07:58:51 PST
For those of you where winter shipping of live plants is a thing, I have
some goodies that are ready for a new home. Free shipping to the south and
west USA. Email me directly: trolleypup@gmail.com I'll collect responses
over the weekend and ship next week.

Species/varieties that are still solidly dormant will be made available
Nerine filifolia...not quite dormant, but lots of them, a near evergreen
summer grower.

Andean tuber crops, some are starting to sprout, the ones in solid dormancy
can wait. Most of these require cool summers, and will not thrive with
warm/hot days and nights. Summer growers, with a very long season (tuber
production begins around the solstice, dormancy late November into

Yacon - Smallanthus sonchifolius, the exception, will handle warmer
conditions. I have a few, the bud tubers don't store well (the storage
tubers do though). Dahlia style growth.

Ulluco - Ullucus tuberosus, bright colored tubers
 - (pink): elongated bright pink tubers
 - Moclips: round pink tubers faded to green

Mashua - Tropaeolum tuberosum, viny nasturtium relative, red/orange flowers
in fall
 - (light green with purple eyes): many

Oca - Oxalis tuberosus, very vigorous floppy with a few yellow flowers, few
to many
 - (red)
 - White Salmon
 - Hopin Alba
 - (cream with magenta eyes)
 - Amarillo
 - Bolivian Red
 - Twilight
 - (dark red with yellow)

in chilly San Francisco, where there were episodes of frozen precipitation
last night at 600ft elevation (nothing stuck).
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