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 Hi unfortunately I live in Australia & have noo idea what zoom is, so not a candidate for office bearer. All organisations run on its members willingness to help do the grunt work, I think all of you doing the grunt work are fantastic. Ann Ballard

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  1. Need Volunteers (R Hansen)


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Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2023 09:15:11 -0800
From: "R Hansen" <bulbnut@hansennursery.com>
To: "Pacific Bulb Society" <pbs@lists.pacificbulbsociety.net>
Subject: [pbs] Need Volunteers
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Good Morning, or Evening, wherever you are,


We are still trying to find volunteers to staff the Pacific Bulb Society
board of directors. While we have been contacted by possible volunteers,
we'd like to remind all of you that our society runs on the willingness of
its members to help keep the society going, which means supporting the seed
and bulb exchanges, the forum, the list and the monumental bulb encyclopedia
on our website. Every one of us potentially benefits from these perks and
they are all the result of willing volunteers.


Most positions take a minimal amount of time. For board members in general,
that time consists of meetings of about an hour via Zoom four times a year.
That's not much, is it? Your input is needed on the board, particularly as
our society grows and needs guidance and new ideas. 


Two positions need to be filled: Vice-president - four meetings a year and
standing in for the president should they be unable to attend a meeting. The
secretarial position does require a bit more work, good spelling (ok,
there's always Spellcheck, sort of) and making a record of the board
proceedings, again four times a year.


If you're hesitant, don't be. If you're a lurker, step forward. What
training you might need is on the job. You'd be joining a board that has a
strong ethic of working together in a congenial manner with a willingness to
listen and speak up.  


Your real-world expertise might be in building satellites or running a
flower shop or selling shoes. You may not realize how much experience and
knowledge you have that would apply to helping run a group of total plant
nuts. Contact me or any board member. We're listed with email addresses in
each Bulb Garden or through the PBS website.


Please think about volunteering. Without volunteers we would not have such
an incredible  and special (not to say unique) plant and bulb exchange and a
wonderful website well-known all over the world for information on bulbs.


So you may not want to volunteer for the board - well surely, you must have
some special knowledge that would be helpful to others via our journal.
Anyway, jump on board!


Best regards,


Robin Hansen


The Pacific Bulb Society

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