Sauromatum venosum

Robert Lauf via pbs
Sun, 19 Feb 2023 07:43:44 PST
I have distributed tubers several times in the past, so I suspect that anyone who wants this species already has it.  But I have a bunch of tubers about to come out of dormancy so this is the time to pop them in the mail.  I dug them out of my tomato bed in the fall
S. venosum is an impressive, tropical looking aroid, completely winter hardy here in E Tenn (Zone 7).  Yes the flower smells like something between manure and a dead squirrel, but you need to get close to it to smell much (unless, like me, you had five blooming in the greenhouse one spring.)  Whew!
One of the bare tubers that spent winter in the greenhouse is putting up a bloom, and I have others that are about that big, so I'd consider the larger ones to be BS or NBS.  They grow quickly and multiply well but are usually not invasive, esp. if you remove the giant raspberry if you had it bloom.
Anyway, if someone wants to adopt some, send me an email:
Bob   Zone 7, sunny and cool after the cold front
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