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Robert Lauf via pbs
Wed, 15 Feb 2023 21:49:30 PST
We seem to have fallen down a rabbit hole with all this back and forth on list vs forum, and perhaps the Mother Ship prefers this sideshow to distract everyone from the original discussion triggered by the outrageous email snafu and the underlying attitudes that it exposed.  But to get back a bit to the general topic of whether PBS has some strategy and what it might be, has the organization really thought about the big picture: why are we gathered here in the first place, and what are we doing (or what should we be doing) to further that mission?
Facebook and Instagram are great tools for 14-year-olds to tell one another what they had for lunch today; they are inherently ephemeral and very content-light.  The real value of the PBS community, in my view, is the sheer weight of expertise that many of our members have to offer to relative rookies like me.  Maybe we should be thinking of how best to harness that expertise to help interested members, rather than trying to appeal to 14-year-old nonmembers and their phones. 
Not too long ago, one member offered to take others on a wildflower expedition in CA.  To me, this represents the absolute best of what PBS can and should be about.  So is there a way for us to harness technology to make more things like this available to our members?  A fellow member/enthusiast suggested that PBS could host Zoom meetings, which might be informal lectures, tours of member gardens or greenhouses, or wildflower walks.  (Wouldn't it be great to have Uli walk us through his gardens and the surrounding countryside, for all who cannot practically biff off to Portugal for the weekend!)  This proposal struck me as a wonderful idea, which PBS could implement and moderate at practically no cost in money or manpower.  But, alas, it was given the brush-off for reasons known only to our totally unaccountable "leadership" team. Perhaps they can explain to us why they blew off that brilliant suggestion?
What is our tagline?  "PBS - where good ideas go to die"?
Bob  Zone 7
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