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Garak via pbs
Sun, 12 Feb 2023 13:55:54 PST
Hi all,

It's no secret that I'm one of the main drivers of the forum, funnily in 
part for reasons some name as biggest disadvantages - namely the (almost 
self-)organizing of topics belonging together and grouping them, 
actually making it easier in my opinion to skip what's not interesting 
to me and on the other hand to follow a single topic for a longer time - 
some mailing software tries to do this, but this Forum/list topic 
already has split in two  display groups for me on my Thunderbird. In a 
forum I'd simply merge them - and move messages someone had sent to the 
public by accident - like a certain president of ours may have done - 
discreetly out of public view.

I'm aware that some refuse to use the forum, and of those who use it, 
only few take full advantage of things like text formatting or our own 
additions like the  [species] [/species] code creating dynamic links and 
image popups to the wiki even staying valid if a species has not yet 
been added. Fits the point Mary Sue made about wiki editing and people 
being easily scared away by a little markup - I might be prone to 
underestimating that hurdle due to my technical training. Not that it 
was easy to keep volunteers in position in any organization.

As a little sidenote I'd like to point out that if this discussion looks 
like preferring the List side it is actually a little bit loopsided as 
the forum as of yet has no notice of this discussion - splitting in two 
communities was one of our worst fears, but in the end we took the risk, 
somewhat sure that a good part of the community would see the benefits 
of what I still believe to be a step forward.

Martin (pronoun: he)
Southern Germany
Likely zone 7a

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