Next EU BX in the pipeline

Uli via pbs
Mon, 13 Feb 2023 13:20:27 PST
Dear All,

Spring is knocking at our doors, so the next EU Seed And Bulb Exchange 
(BX) is in the pipeline. Please think of your fellow members when you 
start repotting and sowing, surplus material is most welcome. As usual 
we will do two spring exchanges, the first one for mainly seed will be 
scheduled around mid March, the second one for mainly bulbs will be 
later. This has worked well in the past. We are never sure how the 
weather will be like in March, that is why we do a second round for the 
more frost sensitive summer growing bulbs. Seed is much less prone to 
damage than bulbs.

This is only a notice, please do not send anything as yet; we will 
announce the opening of the donation time window in due course through 
all the channels. If you need seed envelopes for your future donation, 
the PBS offers them free of charge, please get in touch with Martin 
Bohnet  <> who will send them to you.

All the information on the EU Seed and Bulb Exchange can be found here:


Please remember that the EU Seed and bulb exchange is only open to fully 
paid members with a delivery address in the EU. You do not need to be a 
donor to be entitled to participate. This is a notice for the EU only, 
the US exchanges follow different schedules.

And please do not hesitate to contact Uli Urban 
( in case of questions.

Bye for now

Uli and Martin

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