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Marc Rosenblum via pbs
Tue, 14 Feb 2023 13:48:12 PST
Jane & all,

SRGC & AGS give free advertising to Hort clubs and societies who 

On 2/14/2023 11:19 AM, Jane McGary via pbs wrote:
> PBS runs a regular paid ad in the NARGS Rock Garden Quarterly, but I 
> don't know of others. International advertising might be appropriate 
> in the EU, where PBS has an active exchange program (unhappily, now 
> closed to our fairly numerous British members). The BX/SX function is 
> the reason most people join and stay in PBS. We also have a handout 
> ("bookmark" style) that can be ordered from the treasurer to be 
> distributed at appropriate garden events. Many PBS members are also 
> members of other plant societies, such as the Cactus and Succulent 
> Society.
> Most new members seem to learn about PBS because they have found our 
> wiki, which is one of the first results on Google searches for bulb 
> genera. Occasionally we get inquiries indicating that people, 
> especially those with limited English, have misinterpreted PBS as a 
> vendor of bulbs. There is a significant "churn" in membership, which I 
> suspect results from short-term members' disappointment in not getting 
> what they hoped for from the BX.
> Jane McGary, Membership Coordinator
> On 2/14/2023 7:17 AM, Robert Lauf via pbs wrote:
>>   Does our membership application ask, "How did you learn about us?"  
>> That might be interesting to know.  Unlike more local societies, we 
>> don't put on a show where people can stumble in and be awed by the 
>> things on display.
>>     Does PBS have an advertising budget per se?  Do we ever run ads 
>> in related publications of national or international plant societies 
>> such as AIS, AOS, etc.?  I realize that costs real money, as opposed 
>> to social media that can be done mostly by volunteers.  Ads might 
>> cost too much for the number of members they might land, but maybe 
>> there is something cheaper like flyers that can be placed at garden 
>> shows in big cities.  Has anyone developed an overall strategic 
>> evaluation of all these things as components in a larger publicity 
>> and recruitment activity?
>> Bob    finally seeing some sun in Oak Ridge
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