Idk how this exactly works

Robert Lauf via pbs
Thu, 23 Feb 2023 09:41:27 PST
 Just to be clear, my seedling is Hippeastrum X Nerine.  And until it blooms, I can only hope it is indeed the targeted cross and not some freak parthenogenesis....
I think embryo rescue makes a lot of plants more orchid-like in their intercompatibility because so many intergenerics yield viable embryos but the mother plant doesn't recognize them and make some endosperm.  Orchid seed culture was devised to get around the fact that orchid seeds never have any real endosperm.  So doing the same treatment on endosperm-defective seeds of other kinds of plants was a natural thing to try and it has been demonstrated many times.  Tubes of sterile medium are about $3 a pop in quantity, and a small sterile workstation can be had for around $250.  So for the price of a few decent bottles of scotch anyone can get in the game!
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