Perennial Watsonia?

Eugene Zielinski via pbs
Sun, 25 Jun 2023 22:43:26 PDT
Hello Nan.
Different Watsonia species are native to the winter and summer rainfall areas of South Africa.  Watsonia pillansii comes to mind as a summer growing species.  Some of the summer growing species can be evergreen (and some can withstand frost/freezing conditions/snow -- shouldn't be a problem in the San Diego area though.)
Incidentally, the pictures didn't come through on email, but they can be viewed on the Forum.

Eugene Zielinski
Prescott Valley, Arizona (where we do get frosts/freezing conditions/snow -- Zone 7)

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I have been growing Watsonia in my north San Diego County garden for decades. In the last couple of years, one clump is behaving distinctly differently from the others. This clump has not gone dormant for at least three years. And while the others are all fully past bloom and on their way towards dormancy, this one is just starting its show! Last year it didnt bloom at all. I havent ever heard of an evergreen watsonia nor seen one that blooms this late. Any thoughts on what this may be or what is going on? (Photos attached i hope they gonthrough)


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