Request for Donations for US BX open until June 20, 2023

Bridget Wosczyna via pbs
Fri, 09 Jun 2023 07:55:39 PDT

The donation window for the next 2023 US BX is now open until June 20 (if
you need additional time, kindly advise). *Please read below carefully and
do not reply to this email thread, thanks!*

I am ready to accept donations of clean, healthy bulbs at this time.  I am
not requiring that donors pre-package the donations in ready-to-go packets
at this time; I find it easier and more effective to do this myself
according to demand and realize not everyone has time to sort and separate,
other than species.  I will need you to at least label the bag or box to
easily identify the bulbs.

Each donor will be credited the postage for the donation or a minimum of $5.

Feel free to include comments or instructions for your donated items, most
of us need some help with new items to our collection.

Kindly send your donations to me at:

Bridget Wosczyna
731 Furnace Road
Morgantown PA 19543

Please be sure to send me an email advising that you have sent the bulbs so
that I may keep an eye on my mailbox.

Email me at with any questions.

Thanks in advance!
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