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Sun, 25 Jun 2023 11:22:15 PDT
Apparently Bob's method works for his Scilla madeirensis (I did google 
that, and it's spelled that way now, apparently), but I would not set a 
pot of bulbs where it would be hit by afternoon sun, for fear the pot 
would heat up too much. I wish the English writers had never used the 
word "bake" in connection with bulb cultivation. My collection gets sun 
all day, but the pots are plunged in sand, and those that are left out 
of the plunge because they are young are in a shaded place. I don't have 
a greenhouse, only a Mediterranean house, which is just a solid, 
transparent roof, so most of the bulbs offered on the BX can't be grown 

Jane McGary, Portland, Oregon, USA

On 6/25/2023 9:55 AM, Robert Lauf via pbs wrote:
>   Scilla maderensis is a winter grower, very sunny windowsill but preferably greenhouse.  When it starts to die back for summer, keep it TOTALLY DRY until fall and then damn little water going forward.  Mine go on the dry table of death at the west end of my carport where they get baked by some late afternoon sun and are shielded from any rain.  Don't even start watering too early when growth appears or many of the lower flower buds will abort.  This thing is as water wise as a cactus and can practically live on the humidity in the greenhouse.
> Bob   Zone 7
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