Lilies in the W US this year

stephen willson via pbs
Fri, 23 Jun 2023 09:46:53 PDT
Hello Pamela / Mary Sue,

I too have grown your L. maritimum from seed that I obtained from a SX back in 2018.  I'm in Bow, WA (about 70 miles north of Seattle).  I have been growing them in pots in a frost-free greenhouse and they do very well.  In 2021 I planted some in the ground in a bed where I grow other WNA species and hybrids and over the past two winters those outside have dwindled by about half (as have some of the other species).  The bed they are in is quite well-drained, but we've had two successive winters where the temperatures have dropped into the teens for a week or so (cold air coming down the Fraser River).  From this I think that zone 7/8 is about the coldest that maritimum can tolerate.  Maybe cold and dry in the greenhouse is acceptable, but cold and wet/damp outside would appear to be a challenge.  So maybe Seatle weather is about it's limit?  I too would be interested to learn if anyone is growing this in a colder location, and if so, how they manage it.

Best regards,

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Mary Sue,

I also have L. maritimum from seed you contributed, thriving in containers in a Seattle greenhouse that is allowed to drop to the mid-20's. I wonder if anyone has tried it outdoors in climates cooler than its native habitat. Seattle is in the middle of zone 8, briefly dropping into the mid teens every few years.

Thank you for sending that seed in. The plants are just lovely.


On Wed, Jun 21, 2023, at 11:24 AM, Mary Sue Ittner via pbs wrote:
> With rainfall this year more like it has been in the past Lilium
> maritimum is having an outstanding year. I'm happy since it is
> considered rare that it is reseeding and flowering in new places in my
> garden.  The logging companies do not allow people to walk on their
> properties so I can't give a report on whether any are returning in
> areas they have logged.
> Mary Sue
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