Lilies in the W US this year

Paige Woodward via pbs
Tue, 20 Jun 2023 21:15:49 PDT
How are the wild lilies of the western US faring this year? Anyone been out hiking? Anyone have sources of information to suggest?

Over on the Lilium list, friends reported that on brief forays in N California and S Oregon in the past couple of years, lilies were gone or far between at familiar sites, the terrain often clearcut (possibly for firebreaks) or otherwise devastated. 

Wild lilies bloom around now, if they’re going to. Several times during the past couple of decades there’ve been Lily Chases, in which small groups of worshipers visited wild lilies and photographed them, travelling in convoy through California, Oregon and Washington State. The sites were scouted in advance because every year is different. 

The past couple of years have been very different indeed, however. There won’t be a formal Lily Chase this summer. I wonder if there’ll ever be again. 

Paige Woodward
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