Lilies in the W US this year

James Waddick via pbs
Thu, 22 Jun 2023 14:31:31 PDT
Dear P.

	It has been years since I vaguely thought about PCNs and you are in the midst. Surely you have a better educated guess than I do.  Wish I could grow I munzii. Does nay one still t ry with success. ?

	No useful pictures in the messages. 

	Are you seeing declines in native lilies  too? Climate woes. 

	We are in the start of a 10 day(maybe longer) heat wave maybe up to 103 (feels like) and NO 0 ZERO - rain. 

	We have no urge to garden in these temps. Weeds love it  - of course.

	Any progress on the garden/estate ?		Cool hugs		J & J

> On Jun 21, 2023, at 3:49 PM, Paige Woodward via pbs <> wrote:
> Hi, Jim. What species of Iris? Tenax, perhaps, or douglasiana? If you sent pictures, I can’t view them (boring, sorry). Paige 
>> On Jun 21, 2023, at 12:44 PM, Jim Benson via pbs <> wrote:
>> From Brookings OR We have had a fine year of Coastal Iris blooming
>> yellow, blue and violet along drive way under birch trees and mail
>> boxes. Better this year than last as had more spring rain.
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>> Subject: [pbs] Lilies in the W US this year
>> How are the wild lilies of the western US faring this year? Anyone
>> been out hiking? Anyone have sources of information to suggest?
>> Over on the Lilium list, friends reported that on brief forays in N
>> California and S Oregon in the past couple of years, lilies were gone
>> or far between at familiar sites, the terrain often clearcut (possibly
>> for firebreaks) or otherwise devastated.
>> Wild lilies bloom around now, if they’re going to. Several times
>> during the past couple of decades there’ve been Lily Chases, in
>> which small groups of worshipers visited wild lilies and photographed
>> them, travelling in convoy through California, Oregon and Washington
>> State. The sites were scouted in advance because every year is
>> different.
>> The past couple of years have been very different indeed, however.
>> There won’t be a formal Lily Chase this summer. I wonder if
>> there’ll ever be again.
>> Paige Woodward
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