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Thu, 29 Jun 2023 09:12:05 PDT
I'm including below a request from a professor at Bonn University Botanic Garden in Germany, on the off-chance someone can help him.

Robin Hansen

Dear Sirs,

we are currently working on a order-level moleculara phylogeny of Asparagales, trying to recolve historical biogeography and relationsship. We  have been able to source material from most genera across the globe,  but have a few sad sampling gaps especially in the southern/southwestern US. Everytime I google for the taxa, I hit the pages of PBS. So, I canĀ“t help wondering whether there might not be some collection holdes who would be prepared to help us complete our sampling and elucidate the evolution of this fascinating group of plants. We are particulaly looking for (ideally vouchered) leaf samples of:///Pseudogaltonia/, Androstephium, Jaimehintonia gypsophila, Dandya purpusii, Triteleiopsis palmeri, Xochiquetzallia, Hooveria, Schoenolirion, Eremocrinum, Diuranthera, Trihesperus, Diamena stenantha, Diora cajamarcaensis, Hemiphylacus. Any chance you can help us contact somebody who might help with one or the other species?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Prof. Dr. Maximilian Weigend
Director, Bonn University Botanic Gardens, Germany

Pacific Bulb Society web site

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